Carly Brooke Avraham performed HIPPA Violations at Elite Imaging

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Carly Brooke Avraham, the offender and Elite Imaging, (the offender company) revealed, used and released hundreds of patients records into the public and failed to adequately protect the security or privacy of confidential patient information.

Carly Brooke Avraham, the offender and Elite Imaging, (the offender company), improperly stored and managed patient records. Avraham removed a record log containing patient names, diagnosis, billing codes, type of treatment, and part of body treated and patients’ complaints of pain due to illness or condition. The offender did this for a set of records that span a time period of 1 year and 1 month and the set of patient information contained hundreds of patients' records.

Carly Brooke Avraham, the offender and Elite Imaging performed the following HIPPA Violations

1) Violations of unwilling negligence:

Improper patient verification

Failure to dispose of patient records securely

Failure to discuss patient information in a private setting

Inadequately storing and securing patient records

Accessing patient records outside of the approved network

Unintentionally exposing sensitive data to individuals not privy to the information

2) Violations of willing negligence:

Accessing patient records without proper authorization

Improper use of passwords and user names

Revealing patient information to unauthorized persons

Using unauthorized computers or other equipment within the network

Willingly leave sensitive patient information unsecured

Using patient records for personal benefit

Selling medical information

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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